Intro to Cyber Security Course

Preparatory material for the Cyber Defenders Hackathon and the Cyber Defenders Summer Program


This 4-hour course is designed to show common concepts in Cyber Security in a hands on fashion. Lecture and lab videos show how these concepts are applied in practice. This course does not assume any prior coding experience, so if you are new to programming then don't stress.

Penetration Testing

Learn the process that goes into improving the defense of applications.

Automation Attacks

Explore Botnets, DDos, and other automation techniques.

Network Security

Gain basic understanding of networking and network security vulnerabilities.

Advanced Topics

Malware Analysis, Cryptography, Blockchains and much more.

Scanning & Enumeration

Locating and Discovering more about systems on a network using ZenMap.

DDOS Attack

Get introduced to the basics of a DDos attack by creating one in Python.

Network Scanning

Demonstration of how website can be attacked with tools like WireShark.

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Go through the course and complete the short quizzes for each section.

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Use the Advanced Topics and Additional Resources to expand your knowledge.

Ready to start learning about Cyber Security?

This course is designed to introduce concepts of Cyber Security through hands on learning. Exercises allow you to apply knowledge from each section. If you have any questions then feel free to reach out to us.